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Read through this information before deciding whether you'd like to apply. These are the basics about becoming a Boatman Geller Retailer. We partner with retailers who have a passion for paper, gifts, and the Boatman Geller brand.

Being in the business for ten years and solely making our money as a wholesaler, has helped us tremendously in understanding retailers. We work and partner with you in your profit. We do not sell to the consumer through our website or private sales events. We design our own products and stay on top of trends, thus allowing you to know that you are getting something unique, fresh and stylish. Our product line is constantly being updated with new and trendy items, making us a simple one stop shop for any retailer and in turn your clients. We pride ourselves on being a boutique and accessible company through phone, email and social media.

Our president, Greg Geller, reviews each application personally and looks forward to receiving them. We truly hope that you choose to proceed and give your clients the chance to 'Live your Style' with Boatman Geller.

We have two sides of our business - Personalized and Off-The-Shelf.


On the personalized side of our business we have 3 offerings - Our Everyday, Letterpress, and Holiday Collections.

Boatman Geller Everyday consists of five separate and distinct collections. The cost of the entire program is $150 for the first year and $125 for the yearly updates thereafter. New retailers are first billed for that amount whenever they start and then again annually every January.

  1. Babies & Children Collection
  2. Everyday Adult Collection
  3. Home & Entertaining Collection
  4. Gifts, Desk & Accessories Collection
  5. Custom Collection
  6. Custom Collection Part 2
  7. Tech Case Collection

Boatman Geller Letterpress consists of a real sample album. The initial cost of the program is $295 and then a $75 update fee each year there’s an update.

Boatman Geller Holiday consists of two collections in one. The initial cost of the program is $125 and then a $50 update fee each year there’s an update.

  • The Boatman Geller Holiday Album includes our photocards, invitations and return address labels
  • The Boatman Geller Holiday Home & Gift Collection includes themed lucite trays, ice buckets, napkins, notepads, recipe cards & boxes, plates & platters, wine tags and gift stickers.


The off-the-shelf side of our business allows you to offer a small collection of ready-made products from the wonderful Boatman Geller Line. If you are only interested in this side of our business then, the opening order is $250. However, if you begin with the Personalized side of Boatman Geller, then there is no opening order needed, simply a minimum order of $50 each time you fax or email an Off-the-Shelf order. If you use your retailer site to the place the order, you will have no minimums.

Our current Off-The-Shelf Collection includes:

Store-Front Store-Front Retailers

"We have had fabulous feedback so far and are excited to keep expanding with Boatman Geller. The products are wonderful, well made, and the turn around time is super fast! I have had nothing but happy customers with my personalized orders to date. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

- Booth Parker
Haley and the Hound

Online Online Retailers

"We truly appreciate your dedication to retailers and that you treat us as business partners. You understand and respect the time and effort we put in to building the brand, and do not undercut us by selling direct to customers. Bravo for not participating in flash sales!"

- Diane Morrow, Owner
Seasons Gifts & Home

Home-Based Home-Based Retailers

"We are having a blast selling from the new custom catalog and our clients really love all of the choices, colors, patterns and products. We carry a lot of lines but yours is one of our personal favorites and has definitely been a client favorite this year, especially for holiday. You said we're rocking but it's really YOU all who ROCK and make what we do so enjoyable and so much fun."

- Leigh McMahon, Owner

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